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Nam Eui Kim
Jan 30, 2006

What is Stress

This article discusses what difference is between stress and stressor. Stress is an emotional and physical reaction, and stressor is an environmental stimulus or event that causes stress. For example, disasters, major life events such as divorce or loss of the job, and daily hassles can be stressors. These stressors cause stress. Hans Seyle, the Canadian physiologist, has proposed human and animal’s reaction in three stages. This is known the general adaptation syndrome. The first stage is the alarm reaction in which the person or animal perceive the stressor. The second stage is resistance. In this stage, if the organism adapts to stressor, the organism will return to normal state. However, if the organism can’t adapt to stress, the organism will encounter the third stage, exhaustion. Seyle investigated his model which is applied to rats and humans. In rats, certain stressors lead to similar sort of stress and reaction. In humans, on the other hands, it’s hard to predict what can be a stressor to particular person at a certain time. Because human has different thingking and feeling. Although same stress happens, each person has different reaction.

Seal,B. (1998). “ What is stress?”. Academic Encounters : Human Behavior. (p.5-6). New York : Cambridge

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